Our company which was established by Celil BAKAN as a flour sifting machine producer in Bursa in 1987 was turned into limited company in 1997.
Instead of flour sifting machines which were incompetent in sifting by the mid 90s, “İpek flour sifting machine” was designed, invented and introduced by BAKANOĞLU MAKİNE. We have sifted the unfavourables which should not be in flour, that is; we have sifted what cannot be sifted before.  
After we succeeded in being a brand in 1997 as a flour sifting machine producer, we started to produce kneading machines on the increasing demand. We succeeded in designing fork kneading machines which are alike for nearly 50 years in European standards in terms of function, vision, and quality.
In 2000, on the increasing demand and for continuous development, we started to produce “bread slicing machine and spiral mixer which is strong, consistent and has customer service we can stay behind.

We produce kneading machines – stale bread disposers – planetary mixers – flour storages – yeast boxes. Recently, we started to produce



  • Our Vision:

    Our vision is to be a brand company which produces quality products in the light of science and innovative mind, and values environment, people, and cultural values. We aim to be able to leave next generation immortal pieces of work. In line with this objective, for 27 years, BAKANOĞLU MAKİNE have been getting an effort to be a leading company in the markets of Turkey and the world.

  • Our Mission:

    Our mission is to be a company which can satisfy its customers, employees, and suppliers, be able to incorporate innovative technologies, and make high quality and efficient production.


  • Our Quality Policy:

    The leader in its sector

    • Following the latest technology

    • Making development-oriented investments

    • Customer satisfaction

    • Valuing the training of employees boosting their self-development and individual contribution

    • Producing in high standards

    • Updating suppliers constantly

    • Improving quality management system and reaching the objectives